Words for the Wise – The Heat Can Be Beat!

It has been an outstanding week at the Home of Happiness. As we roll into Shabbat we are grateful for our staff and campers who have made the best of this hotter-than-average week in Chardon. A perfect introduction to our summer value of Hakarat Ha Tov – Gratitude! The good news – in the high-ground near Lake Erie temps have been lower than in the city and there has often been a nice lake breeze to help!

This week we worked on creativity and helping each other out with unusual weather and with the pool being down. We have helped one another stay hydrated, play in the shade, and get comfortable with so much fun in the lake on our hot days. We are very much looking forward for the return of full pool operations between now and Monday! The campers’ reviews of water slides and lake fun have carried us through in spirits even higher than 80 degrees! Camp now finally feels like camp….

Israel Day was a highlight this week! In this unusually difficult year since October 7th we’ve thought long and hard about how to continue the joy of camp, continue sharing the enduring spirit and culture of Israel even in what can be tense and even divisive times. Our staff has done an incredible job of developing a rich cultural learning environment around Israel this week – full of food, fun, dancing, learning about different cultures in Israel, and most importantly, connecting with Israeli staff and campers.

Our older campers got to attend a panel about young adult life in Israel led by members of our Mishlachat (Israel staff delegation). Our teens asked meaningful questions about college, pop culture, the IDF service and more. It was a wonderful way to close out Israel Day. We will continue to create positive and supportive spaces for dialogue and important questions in age appropriate ways this summer.

Let’s check out what’s been happening around camp in each cabin…. see below!


C1: Our cabin bonded while playing board games during rest hour. They all strengthened relationships.

C2: We loved Horseback riding and have worked hard at bonding at instructional swim water parties.

C:3 We loved lunches and evening snack because they get so much good food A highlight has been going to the lake and riding on the jetski – everything 😂

C4: All our kids had fun at the Israel Day Carnival. They tried a bunch of new activities, learned some about Israel and got cookies.

C5: We were vibing at Outdoor Cooking, Soccer, High Ropes, Sports in general.
Our cabin although worried of heights, all 12 girls tried the ropes course and all made it across to go on the zipline.

C6: Our campers are obsessed with the water toys int he lake and never want to do any other activity!! (JK LOL) HBR and Lake Chuggium are the best!!

C7: We had a blast at the ropes course and overcame challenges – it is so great to be back together with friends

C8: Israel day was awesome!! We’ve had a blast in the lake for free swim splashing and paddling!

O5: The highlight of the week for our cabin was the paint party! Everyone had an amazing time and was able to bond further with the cabin and village. Our cabin loves village time where they get to hangout together to play cards, roof ball, or lacrosse!

O2: We are getting to know one another well now and having a blast in Ohalim. Paint party hunger games was incredible!

O1 Shabbat prep was amazing because we made a skit and we had a blast this week hangout with my friends Mountain biking because everyone liked it and had fun and we went threw the woods

O3: Today we had Giant Swing for Aiden’s birthday and it was a blast. We have a great group of friends who are silly!

O8: our cabin highlight was outdoor cooking as our cabin activity. After we finished eating popcorn we played a few rounds of mafia which everyone really enjoyed. Our cabin loved the Escape break evening program. They all said it was super fun and their favorite program so far.

O9: Our cabin worked together in low ropes and communicated with one another our campers love evening snack… They ask us every night when we’re getting our evening snack – the food is a big hit!

O10: Our cabin loved the paint party evening program – it was wild and energetic. Our cabin is very social and loved to make friends across the village.

N1: Even though the pool was closed my cabin pushed through the hot day and made the most out of the slip n slide. We made our own fun! We have a great connection between campers and counselors.

N3: Investment night cabin activity was outstanding! We all gave ideas and worked as team to win the competition with music and acting. Our cabin loved cabin activities as we had to work as team and created a bigger bond.

N4: We have a great cabin of CW veterans. We loved outdoor cooking and it’s been great to be at camp in the sun!

N6: We’ve had a good time getting to learn more about Israel from Reut – the art shack has been a blast!

N7: It’s been a busy week in N 7 – lots of sports and fun int he sun. We love playing pickle-ball!

N8: The lake has been great in the heat of the day – in the morning we have played sports, done arts and crafts, and spent time in the water each afternoon!

Solel really enjoyed attending cedar point and visiting Detroit with their friends. Their favorite part of camp is their cabin mates!! (of course!)