Why Camp Wise?

Why Jewish Overnight Camp?

Sending your child to a Jewish overnight camp is one of the best investments you can make into their development as a friend, a Jewish leader, and an inspired mensch. Studies from the Foundation for Jewish Camp have shown that adults who attended a Jewish overnight camp as a camper, are significantly more likely to engage with their Jewish community, participate in Jewish rituals, and feel strong ties to their Judaism and Israel than non-campers (FJC, 2011). Regardless of how much or how little your child engages with Jewish life during the school year, camp is a place where they can experience what it means to be immersed in Jewish life through education, values, tradition, and community-building.

Why Camp Wise?

At Camp Wise, one of the oldest Jewish overnight camps in the country, our program is grounded in more than 115 years of tradition. When we sing and dance on Shabbat, cheer on our friends during Maccabiah, and listen to counselors telling stories around campfires at the end of an action-packed camp day, we’re sparking new lifelong memories that link our Jewish future to our past.

Camp Wise also sets the gold standard in Camper Care. Our resources to support campers’ physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health make camp a place where all can feel truly welcomed. In experiencing this kind of environment, our campers also learn how to support their peers – they feel empowered to encourage their friend who’s nervous on the ropes course, or practice active listening when a cabin-mate feels a little homesick.

Every summer, hundreds of campers try new activities like jet-skiing, music production, outdoor cooking, and more, all while spending time with their best friends and the best staff in the world. With beautiful forests, a pool and lake, and incredible starry skies, it’s easy to see why Camp Wise really is the Home of Happiness!