Leadership Summer in Europe Blog #1

Check out these exciting pictures and reflections from our ILS-E Campers enjoying their best travels and learning in Prague!

By Ilu, Naomi, and Noah G,

We began our trip with two plane rides that were filled with lots of laughs, naps, and interesting airplane food. During our layover in Frankfurt many tried new German foods like bratwurst, pastries, and sushi (sushi is German?)! When we arrived in Prague we attempted to beat our jet lag but we lost the fight as we tiredly stumble throughout the day. First we went to see a panoramic view of Prague.

We got the chance to see the Prague Castle which was absolutely beautiful and were able to get our first Czech meal. When we finally arrived and settled to our hotel, we promptly left and took a scenic boat ride in the Vlata river, which showed us a more in depth version of the beautiful architecture around the city! Shortly after we were able to go back to the hotel and finally head to sleep. 😴

Following a much needed extended sleep time, our day started with a walking tour of the New City, Old City, and Josefov. There were some amazing views of the clashing architecture over the centuries. We first visited the Maiselova Synagogue. There was an interesting display showing a rendered recreation of the ancient Jewish town before it was destroyed. We then took a short walk to the Old New Synagogue, which is the oldest active synagogue in Europe. We briefly visited the Old Cemetery and saw the layers of graves from when the Jews were locked in the ghetto. We then had a Pizur (choice) lunch in the surrounding restaurants. Shabbat Shalom from Europe, we can’t wait for our first full week here!