Words for the Wise – Coming home!

On Sunday night, camp was buzzing. The energy of a final “bunk night” filled the air.  At every turn around camp, cabins were on a scavenger hunt, sitting in a circle, having a pickup game of soccer, or hiking on the camp trails. The whole goal: share as a group what the time you’ve spent together as a cabin represents – what does this experience mean?  How has this shaped who you are?

On Wednesday our entire camp returns home!  It feels like a short moment to be here at Camp Wise for four weeks, even while each day sometimes seems like a week. This is the experience of being in “flow.” We feel it is valuable to set aside time and space four our campers to reflect on this experience here while still at camp. As any good teacher or parent knows… learning happens through reflection.

As campers transition home, our parent community can become partners with us in this growth. It shows love and support to our children when we create the right non-judgmental and open opportunities at home for campers to reflect on their camp experience, to share the memories they’d like to, and help you become part of this experience. As parents we know well that kids don’t always like to share… but that sometimes, they open up with least expected.  Here are some tips and tricks…

  • Ask your child if they want to play “Final Countdown” at the end of dinner.
  • Invite them to lead “Hamotzi” before a meal at home…see what happens.
  • Ask, “What chugim did you like at camp?”
  • Who was your favorite counselor?
  • What team were you on for maccabiah? what was the theme and who was on the other teams?
  • Did your cabin do any fun surprises like chipwhiches or “raids?”
  • What was your favorite meal, or least favorite meal? J
  • How was the new ropes course?
  • Which did you like better…lake or pool?
  • What was the camp Jewish value this summer?

In the coming days it also communicates support to your children to help them connect with their cabin mates and friends from their village.  Consider hosting a hangout at your house and stay tuned for camper contact lists (we will send these out soon!).  Most importantly, as our campers return home – it OK for them to rest, rejuvenate, and reflect before jumping right in to whatever is next on the schedule.

We hope they’ve had a fantastic time here at Camp Wise – and we are honored and grateful that you’ve chosen Camp Wise for your child’s summer experience. We can’t wait to see you around Cleveland or in your city this fall!