SIT Blog Session 1 2019

Hello Camp Wise families, 

We are your 2019 SITs (staff in training) and we’re so excited to share a little bit about our experience as the first group to participate in the new teen programs at Camp Wise. The transition from camper to SIT has been different from what we were expecting. We’ve been waiting so long after the idea of being an SIT was put on hold for a summer while we were in Israel. So far, the SIT summer has been our best summer yet, being both rewarding and challenging. We have received a unique perspective of camp while deepening our bonds to each other, campers, staff, and camp as a whole, as we also strengthen our leadership skills. From serving, to building, to planning a carnival, this summer has been so exciting and we can’t wait to see what else it has in store for us. 

Being an SIT has given us a glimpse into being specialists and counselors. Having the opportunity to experience both positions this summer is something you cannot get any other year at camp. Being a specialist allows us to grow close with our program area staff, learn to work with all ages, lead and create activities for campers, and see behind the scenes of our program area. In addition, being a counselor lets us bond with our campers on a closer level. It allows us to bond with more campers in the village. Working with staff has taught us more of what it will be like when we are finally on staff. 

Serving is one of the highlights of SIT year. While on the surface it looks difficult, it is extremely rewarding. Aside from just making lunch run smoothly, our creative themes bring the chadar (dining hall) to life. You can always find SITs racing across the chadar to refill bowls and pitchers with excitement and joy. In addition to serving, we have had the opportunity to give back to camp in a more permanent way. This summer we have spent an hour of each day building a new set of swings which will eventually surround a fire pit. We cannot wait for camp to see and enjoy our completed project that we have been working so hard to create. Through building this project we have learned the responsibility of giving back to camp and are excited to continue to do so in the years to come. 

We also have had the special opportunity to plan the Fourth of July carnival, a themed all-camp event. This year, we chose the theme “Wise Wild West.” For many of us, this was the first time programming such a large event, which made a great learning experience. Over the course of three weeks, we crafted a magnitude of fun stations, painted and created themed decorations, and developed a fun and exciting way to announce our theme, while ensuring the carnival ran smoothly, even through the passing rain. Planning this carnival, while difficult at times, helped us prepare to be on staff as we gained teamwork and problem solving skills while also remembering to have fun. 

Overall, SIT year has strengthened our leadership skills and helped us transition into becoming staff. During first session, we worked in depth with counselors and campers to broaden our camp community. The program has made our bond with camp and each other even deeper. Our biggest takeaway from SIT year so far is our newfound understanding of how to lead and engage with people of all ages and maturities, which we’ve found so rewarding. We are all very excited to move on to staff, and we hope that this summary of our SIT year thus far has given you insight into the SIT program and how incredible this summer has been for us. Even though we are already halfway through the summer, we are looking forward to what the next three weeks have in store for us. 

With love,

The 2019 SITs