Red Wagon: December Issue










“…Hail, hail the gang’s all here, with a welcome to Camp Wise…” and the first edition of the Camp Wise Red Wagon! We’re so excited to bring Camp Wise news and fun to the inboxes of our camp families, staff, donors, alumni and community each month. This is not replacing Wise Times*, which will still be published each fall and spring.

As we were developing the name for this e-newsletter it was easy to draw a consensus around the Red Wagon, as it is the name of our Radio Flyer wagons that deliver mail and canteen to campers each afternoon all summer long. And it seems fitting that our premier issue of the Red Wagon is being published following the passing of our friend Maxine Stevens Middleton. The 1990s at Camp Wise are synonymous with Max; in her time as a staff member and later as the assistant director, Max brought so many great programs and traditions to Camp Wise. While no one can forget miming with Max, those of us who were at camp during her time – especially in Noar – also know that she was the energy that built the excitement around the Red Wagon and its visits to each village after lunch to deliver mail and canteen. Alumni fondly remember Max bringing around the wagon while campers participated in a “call and repeat” cheer all over their beloved Radio Flyer and all the goodies it delivered. As one alum put it, “she’d cheer and yell this in a way that only Maxine could; she was the one with the Red Wagon.” We can’t think of a better way to honor and pay tribute to all that Maxine contributed to the Home of Happiness by bringing email messages (we’re still working on how to send Hershey bars) to your inboxes each month under the Red Wagon name! Each month you’ll find highlights and information in the following sections:

Announcements: Information regarding upcoming Camp Wise events. Be sure to read below and check out everything we have going on in December and January (we can’t wait to see our friends in Florida)!

Bless this house: This is where we will celebrate Camp Wise’s history and special holidays. Did you know that 2022 marks our 115th summer at the Home of Happiness?

Crazy go nuts: Stop by here for some fun games and quizzes. It is also here that we will be featuring Camp Wise reviews and the “best of” on camp essentials; in December we’re featuring accessories like fans and Crazy Creeks.

Have you got that spirit?: Have you ever wondered what happens in the CW office after camp ends and before the next summer begins? Learn more about all of our projects and stay up-to-date on our plans for next summer!

* Did you receive your Wise Times last month? If not, please make sure we have your updated mailing address and contact information by clicking here!



December 2021 

11: South Florida Area Alumni Reunion

12: South Florida Area Information Meeting and Camper Reunion

22: Come Together: Camp Wise Professional Development Day

30: J-Camps Carnival (Grades K-6)

January 2022

7: Camp Wise Tu B’shevat & Shabbat Celebration

9: Camp Wise Visit in Toledo 

14-16: Israel Leadership Summer Retreat

27: Camp Wise Parlor Meeting (for prospective families)

30: Camp Wise Visit to Fairmount Temple

February 2022

6: Camp Wise Visit to Temple Emanu El

13: Camp Wise Visit to Park Synagogue

20-21 Winter Weekend (Grades 5-8)




Did you know…

In 1907, campers were woken up at 6:30am by bell or trombone.

In 2022, campers will be woken up by their counselors playing music!

Did you know…

In 1907, camp fees were .50 per two-week session.

In 2022, our camper fees are a bit more…head to our dates and rates page if you haven’t registered your camper yet!


Does 13164 mean something special to you?  Make an extra special gift in honor of Camp Wise, by choosing to give $131.64 or $1,316.40 as those are the numbers of our Home of Happiness address!

There are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing things for camp. These are our top picks for camp accessories. While none of these things are required or necessary at camp, we frequently get questions about these items. Note: Camp Wise does not collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.


Fans – The summer months can get hot! Some campers like to bring a portable fan to keep them cool. We recommend families get a battery operated fan.

Target – O2 Cool Misting Fan or the O2Cool Battery Powered Clip Fan $9.99-$11.79 – We love O2Cool because of the price, the durability and the misting fan comes in fun colors!Amazon – Treva 10in portable desk fan $26.99 – This is the most high-powered of all the options. Guaranteed to keep you cool on the hottest of camp days.


MP3 Players/Speakers – We love music at Camp Wise. Some kids prefer to have their own music device so they can learn their B’nai Mitzvah portion, fall asleep, or just relax! Camp is an opportunity for campers to disconnect and enjoy nature and friends so be sure that the device you choose is not a touch screen and without internet access.

Best Buy – San Disc Clip Sport Plus 32GB MP3 Player $44.99 – The San Disc Clip is water resistant and durable which is needed when going away for 4 weeks!

Amazon – JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Speaker $49.95 – We love clipping this speaker to our water bottle or backpack and walking around camp with music playing!



Camping Chairs – While camp is all about being in nature, some campers and staff aren’t fans of sitting on the grass. Here comes the Stadium/Camping Chair. Its typically referred to as a Crazy Creek chair which is the brand name. It’s a folding chair that allows you to lean back, relax, and kick your feet up.

LL Bean – Aero Insulated Trail Chair $39.95 – We’re not exactly sure what Aero insulated means but it sounds cool! A cheaper alternative to The Original chair and with a back pocket, this is a great option!

Crazy Creek – The Original Chair $59.95 or The Chair $$31.50 – The Original has a thicker padding but The Chair is great for rolling up and packing!



Enrollment Update

  • Over 300 campers registered on our first day of registration
  • As of today, we have over 460 campers registered
  • If you have questions or want to review session options, please contact Hannah at 216-593-6250
Staffing Updates

  • Our 2022 Staff Application went live on October 1st
  • We are still accepting applications for next summer
  • Learn more about our job opportunities
  • Learn about internship opportunities for the summer by contacting Rebecca 


Winter Projects

  • Noar Moadon had a new roof installed this past month!
  • Our maintenance staff has closed up most of camp for the winter.
    • The pool is drained
    • The water is off around most of camp
    • Lake toys are all tucked away
  • Now we’re working on hanging all of our 2021 cabin, village, and a special Tosafot plaque


Thanks for reading through our first edition of the Red Wagon! We look forward to continue bringing you the latest camp news each month!