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Israel Leadership Summer – Final Blog

As our last week wraps up, let’s take a moment and look back at the highlights from our craziest week yet. One of these highlights is our stay at the Bedouin tents, where we rode on camels, stargazed, and slept in a massive tent. The next morning we climbed up Masada for a sunrise summit at 5am and floated in the Dead Sea right after. 8 future shinshinim Israeli’s from the Beit Shean area join our bus and got the spend the whole week with us, sharing stories and perspectives on life in Israel/America.

Another highlight was spending a night at Mitzpe Ramon, there we read our parents letters. The stars there were beautiful, the sky was so clear the Milky Way was visible.

The last highlight is bringing our traditional Camp Wise Shabbat all the way to the old city. Celebrating kabbalat Shabbat overlooking the Temple Mount and the western wall was unforgettable.

Although our trip is sadly coming to an end, these are memories that we can look back on and smile. The trip has been such a blast and as a group, we’ve been able to bond more than we’ve thought was possible. Although we’re sad to go we’re still excited to come home and share our experiences. See you soon!