Israel Leadership Seminar – Camper Blog #4

(Composed by ILS campers)

Elective week!

For the past three days, our group has been split up. While 13 of us were volunteering on a kibbutz near Haifa, the other 26 were completing parts of a Sea-to-Sea hike across Israel. We obviously had very different experiences, but had amazing times experiencing such different parts of Israel. 

The kibbutz group spent a lot of time getting to know the other volunteers who were there through Project Ten. We felt so welcomed by the kibbutz community and had so much fun immersing ourselves in the teamwork and community attitude that it takes to live on a kibbutz. 

The hikers got to see the highlights of an incredible hike across Israel! Even though there were three days of hiking, there was plenty of time for less exhausting activities. We were able to swim in a couple springs around the hikes, and got to go stargazing at nighttime. We also had song sessions around the fire, and did karaoke. These past few days have been a blast!

Next, we’re heading to Tel Aviv for Shabbat and lots of beach time! Shalom from ILS!