Israel Leadership Seminar – Camper Blog #4

Tel Aviv Blog 

Composed by ILS participants

We arrived in Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon, exhausted from the hike. A few people went to the beach, and we tried our best to avoid the jellyfish in the Mediterranean. After a good night of sleep, we went to the Museum of the Jewish People. It was fascinating to see where around the world the Jewish population was focused, and how it’s changed over thousands of years. After a pizur lunch around Carmel Market, we went on a Rainbow Tour of Tel Aviv! We learned a lot about the history of the LGBTQIA+ community in one of the more modern cities in Israel. 

To start our third weekend here, we welcomed Shabbat by the beach. We also had several guests and even a few strangers participate with some of the readings! It was so much fun meeting up with old friends who we know from past years at camp! 

Our group spent most of Saturday by the beach. In the morning, we did beach yoga and learned a little martial arts. We still had plenty of time to cool off in the water though! After dinner, we went to see a movie. We all love the minions!

For our last day in Tel Aviv, we went to the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation. Learning about someone who was so dedicated to making the world a better place was inspiring. We also went on a scavenger hunt to learn more about Israeli history and culture! Then, we started the drive to Eilat! Shalom from ILS!