Important Camp Wise Announcement

Dear Camp Wise families, staff, alumni and friends,

I could never have imagined that 30 years ago, when I arrived at Camp Wise for my first summer as a Rishon camper, that I would have spent half my life summering at the Home of Happiness. But that is exactly what the magic of Camp Wise is all about – it is transformative. From my first night in a Chalutzim cabin, I knew I would forever be hooked on Camp Wise. Since that summer in 1991, Camp Wise has been and will remain woven into the fabric of my identity. From camper, counselor and supervisor in the 1990s and 2000s, and more recently since 2012 serving as a part of the year-round team, it has been a great privilege to have called each of you a part of my family.

Thank you for allowing me to have been a part of your Camp Wise journey. You have opened your homes and your hearts to Camp Wise and I will be forever grateful to have spent this time with you. I leave this role with Camp Wise with far too many tie dye t-shirts, an unwavering admiration for each individual who has come through the Camp Wise gates and the ruach that they brought with them, and a deep appreciation for celebrations that result in a “stand on your bench” moment.

Just like the countless campers and staff I have had the honor of living alongside, I believe I have grown up at Camp Wise. As I look ahead, I know that the next 115 summers at Camp Wise will continue to provide life-changing and life-bettering experiences for the many, many campers and staff to come. Over the next several months, I am looking forward to passing the torch, stepping aside, supporting the next leader of Camp Wise and joining our robust alumni community.

With love and gratitude,